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Figma for Digital Product Design

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Create Awesome Prototypes and Wireframes with Figma

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2h 37m
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Let's face it-- We all need to make prototypes. If you do, you need Figma.

Whether you're a designer or a developer, there are times where you'll need to create a wireframe or prototype in a tool like Figma. Creating prototypes and wireframes is the most efficient way to plan and test concepts before committing to the time-consuming and expensive process of writing code. Figma is the most efficient tool to help you get that done.

If you're designing anything from web sites, to mobile apps, to social content, to tv-based applications, you need a tool to make efficient wireframes and prototypes. That tool is Figma. Free to start, great for working with teams, and powerful, Figma has all the features you need to make attractive and convenient prototypes. You can use your prototypes to get client feedback, test new UI concepts, communicate between designer and developer and much more.

You'll find that you'll want to prototype everything once you learn how to use Figma.

Did I mention Figma is free?

In this course, you'll hit the ground running as you work with master instructor Mark Lassoff to design your first prototypes in the first course lessons. After creating your first prototype, Mark will tour you through every feature of Figma taking you on a journey from beginner to expert in just a few hours.

And it's not just about the video lectures...

This course is chock full of fun activities where you can design your own prototypes while becoming more familiar with the Figma environment. If you want to share the prototypes and get feedback from your instructor and classmates, you'll have that opportunity. This course is a great way to learn and grow your digital product design skills.

If you're a user experience designer with years of experience designing digital products, or a developer creating designs for the first time you'll find Figma is the tool you've been looking for. There is no better way to learn Figma than joining this course: Figma for Digitial Product Design

33 Lessons

2 mins
Course Introduction
4 mins
Quick Orientation
8 mins
Loading a Project
16 mins
Creating a Mobile Design Prototype
4 mins
Finalizing Your Design
Learning the Figma Interface
3 mins
Desktop vs. Web Based Version of Figma
5 mins
The Figma Plugin Architecture
2 mins
Figma Mirror
10 mins
Figma Menus
6 mins
Figma Tools
7 mins
Figma Object Property Panel
4 mins
Figma Design Versioning
6 mins
Figma Files and Exports
Pages, Frames, Grid and Components
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