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How To Remove The IRS From Your Money (Legally)...

——   Created by Kelly O'Connor

...whenever you use it, need it or spend it for whatever reason in perpetuity regardless of your income level.

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Why Do The Wealthy Continue To Use Life Insurance To Store Capital?

Yes, we're going to talk about over-funded life insurance contracts...get over it!

If you are more concerned about the name a product as opposed to what it can do for you, then this course isn't for you. Truly.

I will show you, in detail, how you can achieve leverage, arbitrage & uninterrupted compound growth while having penalty-free access to your capital during accumulation. And create tax-exempt cash flow in retirement...just like wealthy people have been doing for decades. There aren't tax "loopholes", there's simply tax strategy. Be informed!

In the words of the great philosopher, Jeff Spicoli: "Learn it, know it, live it."

History of Idea:

I’ve had this in my head for around four years now, I just haven’t taken the time to properly put it together in between other projects (I’m sure you can relate); however, it’s time!

I’ve found that many people are seeking knowledge and wisdom financially in this turbulent world we find ourselves today. Maybe, like so many others, you’re more interested in what various financial products can actually DO for you instead of what they simply ARE. Isn’t that what we should be doing? Who cares what it IS? What’s more important is what it DOES! Unfortunately, the financial services industry places more focus on what they “ARE” and works very hard to sell you whatever products they’re promoting. Is it working? Are the masses doing better? I think the evidence points to the contrary. 

Rather than pimping out financial products to people, wouldn’t it be nice if the financial industry focused more on achieving peace of mind, security, independence, love, freedom from fear as well as knowledge and wisdom?

To add to the confusion, you now have access to so much information that it is overwhelming, even exhausting. Like others, you may fear making mistakes because you didn’t review all the information you have access to. Studies have found that people are dismayed by the lack of time to research before making the many important decisions pertaining to their financial futures. So instead of risking doing something wrong, they often do nothing. People are paralyzed…which means they keep doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result. Einstein addressed this and called it the definition of insanity.

I saw a really simple study that showed if you’re an “average adult” (responsibility speaking - kids, full-time job, etc.), you have approximately 10 free hours a week where you really don’t have anything going on. Have you found that you just don’t use those 10 hours researching your financial future? Even if you did, would you feel sure about the result? Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who can help to filter the information you need so you can get excited and feel confident about the choices you are making?

That’s why I finally sat down to finish this project because I believe successful people like yourself deserve the opportunity to learn how to maintain control of your money every step along the way so that the IRS, the state governments, hospitals, nursing homes and the banks don’t get most of your hard-earned assets…basically securing your financial future, regardless of market performance, regardless of how long you live and regardless of the tax man.

I’m going to be asking you a lot of questions because I believe financial professionals need to stop giving their opinion. The only opinion that matters is yours. The only way to discover what your opinion is, is to ask you questions. I know you’re not stupid! But you might be overwhelmed, afraid, uncertain, busy, and maybe even exhausted. You might be finding it difficult to create the energy to plan and prepare and protect yourself from the oncoming crises which I will discuss a little later. So by asking you questions, we can find the opportunity for success rather than failure and a future filled with certainty rather than uncertainty.

Let’s start with a few questions to get your mind thinking: 

Ready? What if you could prevent income taxes on your future retirement income? Would that be of interest to you? If there was a way to stay in complete control of your money until you took your last breath, but instead of giving your money to the government, a nursing home or a hospital, you could keep that money in your family for generations to come, at the very least, wouldn’t that be worth your time if all I did was ask you questions that could help you clarify in your own mind how to do that? What if you could prevent being harmed by volatility and maybe even take advantage of volatility wouldn’t that be an amazing benefit for your life? What if you live too long? What if you outlive your money and/or your income? What kind of life would you have? What if it never matters again what the government does or how the economy performs or what occurs in the world, because you designed a strategy that would succeed no matter what happened? Wouldn’t that be worth finding out? Did you know, studies reveal that human beings will do almost anything not to have uncertainty? Would you believe they would even be willing to listen to or read a financial book if it could eliminate uncertainty? Did you know the American people are being called upon at this current moment in time to tolerate uncertainty at the highest level ever seen in our country’s history? If we could reduce or eliminate that uncertainty so you could be more in control rather than being controlled couldn’t you find an hour to dig in and learn how? After all, uncertainty causes financial disasters. It also causes emotional, physical, intellectual and even spiritual disasters and what’s hard to witness is the fact that it’s totally unnecessary.

I know without any doubt that this information will change you and your family’s lives forever. I find that people wait until the last minute to make financial decisions and more often than not, they make a mistake. By sharing this information, I am positive it will change you and your family’s life forever and when we’re finished, you will know something that 95 percent of people in America don’t know. 

I am so confident in this course that I’ll make that claim once more: I know without any doubt that this information will change you and your family’s lives forever…regardless of your income level and regardless of the state in which you reside.

So let’s get started. 

13 Lessons

5 mins
Start Here - Your Financial Pie
12 mins
Is Your Income Common Or Uncommon? This Will Surprise You
7 mins
The Check Story...Worse Than A Mafia Loan
10 mins
Pre-Tax vs. Post-Tax
6 mins
Average vs Actual RoR (The Difference Is Important)
3 mins
Let's Dig In
52 mins
Creating Tax-Exempt Wealth
8 mins
Old vs New Money - Building Your Financial "Buckets"
13 mins
But The Rate of Return Sucks, Right?
8 mins
How Do I Choose The Company?
11 mins
Fees Make It So Expensive
12 mins
A Common Product Question
10 mins
Detailed Case Study

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Kelly O'Connor

Hi I'm Kelly O'Connor, and I teach finance literacy and how to get a bigger bang for your buck.

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