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Financial Statement Analysis

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Learn to Read, Understand, and Analyze the Financial Statements of a Company

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With a focus on the balance sheet, this course will teach you the essentials of financial statement analysis. The capacity to evaluate a company's results is one of the most essential talents in the corporate world. And, let's face it, it isn't easy. It requires a thorough understanding of shareholder preferences, performance, liquidity, risk management, and operational quality. This course is aimed to teach dynamic analysis in the most simple and simplest way possible. You don't need any prior accounting or financial skills to get started. By visiting a genuine business and interviewing actual business people, the course covers the core material of financial statements in a clear and significant context. The goal of the course is for students to walk away with a solid understanding of what a balance sheet is and what it indicates. Non-financial mid- to senior-level executives from various sectors and functional areas are targeted for this training. Executives in communications, distribution, human resources, manufacturing, or engineering, as well as general managers who have risen along these pathways and have expertise of financial analysis, would benefit from this training. You will be better able to communicate your department's financial goals and performance within your business as well as to outside sources after finishing the program. So, by the end of this course, you'll not only be able to read financial statements in general; you'll also be able to relate them to your own company's financial statements, giving you a much better understanding of your own company's financial success and what you can/need to do to maintain or improve it.

56 Lessons

7 mins
Introduction to Financial Statement
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7 mins
Earnings and Expenses
7 mins
Going Concern Concept
10 mins
Double Entry Bookkeeping System
7 mins
Financial Statements & Accounts
12 mins
Vertical and Horizontal Analysis
5 mins
Profitability of a Business
7 mins
Liquidity & Solvency Ratios
10 mins
Analyzing Cash Flow
7 mins
Reading Annual Report
5 mins
Annual Performance
7 mins
Consolidated Financial Balance Sheet
8 mins
What is Total Non Current Assets
5 mins
Cash and Cash Equivalents
6 mins
Non Current Assets
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