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Find Your Brand's Voice

——   Created by Michael Lipton

Write Copy That Differentiates You From The Competition

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Maybe your business emails are reading a little too formal or your homepage sounds like it was generated by an awkward chatbot. The truth is, the way we’re taught to write doesn’t sound great on the web. But anyone can transform their words into compelling copy that feels natural, unique and hits the right emotional tone for their brand. What you need is some help defining and understanding your brand’s written tone of voice – the unique way your brand sounds.

This class is really for anyone who wants to write better copy – no fancy degree required. Whether you’re a designer looking to up their portfolio’s game or a small business owner who wants their marketing to really sell, join me in doing your least favorite task: writing!


Turn Your Words Into Characters

In this class, I’ll help you establish your brand’s unique way of writing by giving you a framework that I’ve used with major brands like Nike and CLIF bar. We’ll start by getting creative in how we define our brand’s tone. Then, we’ll refine and define our voice. Finally, we’ll use that new tone to write some copy that brings it to life.

You’ll write. You’ll think. You’ll learn. And at the end of this class you’ll have…

  • A measurable definition for your brand’s unique voice
  • Simple tricks to avoid, stale, stiff and robotic copy
  • A variety of sentences in your new voice

Plus, a simple document you can reference whenever you’re feeling stuck or like your copy isn’t living up to the awesomeness of your brand.

The course project

The Class Project:

For this class, students will work through a variety of worksheets to define their brand's tone of voice. These worksheets include:

  • Identify your Muse
  • Select your tone of voice principles
  • Write a conversation starter

We'll transform those worksheets into a single reference document that defines their tone and gives them a resource they can draw from anytime they're writing in the future.

9 Lessons

4 mins
free preview
3 mins
What is "Tone of Voice"?
free preview
4 mins
Find Your Muse
2 mins
What's a "Tone Principle"?
4 mins
Defining Your Principles
3 mins
Good & Bad Tone Principles
3 mins
Structuring Your Tone
3 mins
Assembling Your Reference Sheet
2 mins
Using Your Reference Sheet

About the instructor

Michael Lipton
Words are powerful. Some make us laugh. Some make us smile. All tell a story.

Hi! I'm Mike. I'm a creative director and copywriter. I  …

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