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Firebase For Web Developers

——   Created by Mustafa Alawi

Firebase For Web Developers - Full Guide

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Firebase is definitely one of the most powerful tools for the web developers. Currently, it's impossible to find a web app that runs without using a database. All these websites and web apps that you browser and interact with on a daily basis tap into the power of realtime database. Hence, I'm going to take you on a journey to learn how to use Firebase Realtime Database for your web projects.

You will be taught how to use Firebase Realtime Database for Web Apps. You will also be taken step-by-step where every single thing will be explained extensively to make sure you understand and use it in your project. I'll start off by teaching you how to create a firebase project and then move on to the structure of Firebase database and then I'll explain thoroughly how to insert, get, update and delete data from your firebase database.

Moreover, you will not need to rely on the complexity of designing a database on your own. instead, Firebase will take care of pretty much every thing on behalf of you so that you have more time spent for what is important.

Note: This course takes you step by step from the beginning, however, you need to have Good understanding of Javascript & HTML.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for:

  1. Programmers and Web developers who want to incorporate Firebase into their projects.
  2. Front-end web developers who want to learn Firebase database.

What is different about this course?

Well, instead of teaching you unnecessary theoretical concepts that you will never use. I'm teaching you the "how to" in a very simple steps so that you understand everything easily.

By the end of this course you will have:

  1. Learned how to use Firebase Realtime database.
  2. Learned how to get, insert, update and delete data from Firebase.
  3. Be able to start creating advanced web apps using Firebase.

Wish you an incredible learning experience.

15 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
6 mins
firebase intro
free preview
2 mins
firebase features
3 mins
project folder
1 min
realtime database
5 mins
database structure
6 mins
read data1
2 mins
read data2
3 mins
post value
5 mins
display posts
5 mins
insert data
4 mins
update post1
2 mins
update post2
3 mins
delete post1
2 mins
delete posts2
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Mustafa  Alawi
Mustafa Alawi
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Hi, it's Mustafa Alawi, a Software engineer & entrepreneur. I've basically seven years of experience in web development & software development. I also work as a consultant helping …

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