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First Aid for Remote and Rural Locations

——   Created by Arthur Jackson

Wilderness First Aid for those who enjoy the remote areas, or choose to live in rural and remote areas

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2h 02m
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A course designed for those wanting a more intensive level of training in first aid. The course covers preparations for entering the wilderness, and assessments to be used when evaluating the injured in remote locations, where medical assistance is not readily available. A course designed for students with basic skills wanting advanced training and exposure to advance techniques. The course covers assessment techniques, CPR, wound treatment, burn treatment, allergic reactions and much more. It is a condensed version of the full two day courses taught as wilderness first aid in many states. Students need to complete CPR, First Aid, and Introduction to Emergencies as prerequisites.


  • CPR, First AID, and Introduction to Emergencies

25 Lessons

Preliminary Planning and Discussions
5 mins
Course Introduction
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5 mins
Why Take a Course in Rural First Aid
free preview
5 mins
Ten Essentials for Remote Locations
5 mins
Location Devices and Cell Phones
6 mins
Designing the First Aid Kit
6 mins
Legality issues concerning treatment of the injured
Assessment of the Injured
5 mins
Preliminary Steps
4 mins
Emergency and Initial Assessments
5 mins
Focused Assessment
3 mins
Time Lapse assessment
7 mins
Decision To Call for Evacuation
Injuries and Their Treatment
6 mins
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Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson
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Arthur Jackson is the CEO of Arthur Jackson CTC Inc. and has worked extensively in the medical field as a medical technician with doctors in …

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