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First Aid

——   Created by Arthur Jackson

A guide to first aid for the common man. Covers sudden illness, wounds, burns, bone injuries and more

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An introductory course for individuals and families on First Aid, the handling, treatment and management of everyday wounds, burns, sudden illness, and environmental injuries and much more. Takes the student on an enlightened over view of first aid and its application in today's world. It is fun, entertaining and informative. This course covers;

  1. Origins and definition of First Aid
  2. Standards for First Aid Kits
  3. Breathing Emergencies
  4. Sudden Illness
  5. Environmental Illness
  6. Soft Tissue Illness (Bleeding)
  7. Bone and Joint Injuries

This course meets all requirements of the 2010consensus. If you are interested in certification, contact us at the Arthur Jackson CTC website.

  • adults and children above age twelve (12)

10 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction to First Aid
5 mins
Definition and History of First Aid
7 mins
First Aid Kit Standards and Requirements
7 mins
External Breathing Emergencies- Choking
7 mins
Sudden Illness
7 mins
Sudden Illness Part 2
8 mins
Environmental Illness
5 mins
Soft Tissue Illness
7 mins
Bone and Joint Injury
2 mins

About the instructor

Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson
  • 11 courses

Arthur Jackson is the CEO of Arthur Jackson CTC Inc. and has worked extensively in the medical field as a medical technician with doctors in …

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