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Forgiveness Coach/Practitioner Certification - Accredited

——   Created by Mohmood Valimohamed

Forgiveness through Science, Spirituality, Energy Healing & Meditation - International Accredited Certification Program

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1h 12m
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If you want to experience good health, happiness and a balanced life, you have to make use of the power of forgiveness! This is a universal concept that has been emphasized throughout the history of mankind. This program is accredited by "The International Association of Therapists - IAOTH" and is internationally recognized! Students of this program are eligible for membership of this association at a great discount. If you are a practitioner of complimentary therapies, you are eligible for discounts of up to 70% for membership of this great association. We also encourage you to use the knowledge gained from this program in your personal as well as professional life as a therapist!

In today's fast paced modern world, there is a great need for life coaches/practitioners. Essential factors such as fast paced lives, competitive work environment, noise pollution, family conflicts and financial pressure all result in a high stress life conditions. This can very easily manifest as physical, emotional and mental illness and diseases.

A lot of individuals try to relax through social media, television, drinking, overeating, drugs and look for various other ways to vent and destress. The function of a coach/practitioner is to provide a supportive environment where the client feels satisfied with the knowledge and suggestions given by the therapist. Clients should be given holistic techniques and practical tools that can be applied through the course of their lives.

8 Lessons

Module 1 - Forgiveness and Unconditional Love
12 mins
Part 1 - The Power of Forgiveness
12 mins
Part 2 - The Different Aspects of Love
Module 3 - Guided Meditation/Visualization for Forgiveness
14 mins
Guided Meditation on Forgiveness and Love
Module 4 - Energy Healing Therapy
8 mins
Explanation of Energy Healing
Module 5 - Distant Energy Healing
4 mins
Video on Distant Energy Healing
Module 6 - Deep Breathing
8 mins
Video on Deep Breathing
Module 7 - The Sacred Contract
10 mins
Video - The Sacred Contract
Module 8 - Primal and Spiritual Instincts
8 mins
Video on Primal and Spiritual Instincts
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Mohmood Valimohamed

My Story

Hi, I am Mohmood, and I have spent my life devoted to the practice of spiritual awakening and helping others expand their consciousness. …

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