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Foundations of CtO: Change the Org for Benefits

——   Created by Simon Harris

BEYOND Agile, PRINCE2 + PMBoK-Guide Project Management

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1h 04m
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Learn the holistic view of beyond projects to Benefits Delivery across Agile and Design-First Hybrid approaches

No pre knowledge required

Suitable for ANY-one & Everyone who is involved in responding to change in organisations - That is wider than managing projects

This is a short course that provides you with the foundations for later courses on 'How-To deliver benefits realisation and or successfully run projects and programs by making wise choices to mix and extend agile-iterative and incremental and or design-first approaches'

Here I cover "It is All about 'Change the Organisation for benefits' - the broader context that positions project management"

I'm sharing 40 years experience with you using some simplified descriptions of the journey from

  • 'Idea Moment' to the commitment of a Qualification decision,
  • This is pre-project
  • To Sanction decisions (Per sprint, release, stage or phase),
  • Typically the repetitive need to carry-out sprint or release or project or program planning 
  • To Acceptance (per Project Output Delivery),
  • The execution of the body of the program or project or phase or stage or sprints that form releases of output to the organisation
  • To Benefit Start,
  • The hardest part; changing habits to be new ways of working
  • To Project Closure and Recognition of Benefits in steady flow
  • A continuation of the hard part; bringing new habits to be a steady, strong flow of benefits for a return on investmen

10 Lessons

3 mins
Hello & Welcome
7 mins
'Framing' Noone ever did a project for its own sake
2 mins
The 7 Steps of A Change - From Concept to Benefits in Steady State
4 mins
The 'Light-Bulb' moment - Vision of an End-Point
11 mins
When Vision is Known We Are In A Project: 1st Define Scope & Acceptance Criteria
8 mins
Governance Decision Points For Benefits Realisation: 7 Step's Concrete Results
6 mins
Governance Part2: Project Control in Velocity or Earned Value Terms
2 mins
Governance Part 3: Simplifying the Model to just the 3 Essentials
11 mins
Pt2 How the project components of the 'enabling-benefits-through-change' are described by 'well-know'
15 mins
The Vocabulary of Agile, PRINCE2 and PMBoK-Guide (& Good-bye)

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Simon Harris
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Hello :)

I'm Simon, I live in Edinburgh Scotland with my wife Lea. We have a daughter Becky close by and son Toby in UAE. …

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