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Full MANICURE treatment +traditional & permanent nail polish

——   Created by Kristina Bagrova

full manicure treatment with a demonstration of conventional and long-lasting nail polish

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This course provides you with step by step manicure treatment including nail form creation, cuticle removal, as well as two types of nail polish: the traditional one and the permanent one (otherwise commercially called semi-permanent, long-term, long-lasting, Shellac, Gelish, gel-polish and etc.).

Don't miss the PDF file attached in the course resources where everything is described and explained in detail and some things not mentioned in the videos are included.

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In the traditional nail polish application we are using a nail polish, which scientifically consists mainly of two parts: polymer and solvent. When applied to the nail, the solvent evaporates and leaves the polymer on the nail which forms a thin film (the color). That's the principle of the conventional nail polish.

The long-term or permanent nail polish, on the other hand, is a gel form of nail polish and it dries (or, in more precise terms, is cured) under the UV light. It is also supposed to stay longer than the traditional nail polish and the removal of it is different.

18 Lessons

3 mins
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5 mins
Tools Needed
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Manicure Treatment Steps
6 mins
Creating the Nail Form
9 mins
Cuticle Work Hand 1
11 mins
Cuticle Work Hand 2
8 mins
Shiny Nails Without Nail Polish
3 mins
Cream and Cuticle Oil Application
Traditional Nail Polish Application
5 mins
Base Coat Application
19 mins
Color Application
6 mins
Top Coat Application
Permanent Nail Polish Application
16 mins
Nail Preparation, Primer, Base Coat
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About the instructor

Kristina  Bagrova

Hello, my name is Kristina Bagrova and I come from Lithuania. I am a certified beautician specialized in permanent makeup and at the time of …

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