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Fun with Hand Lettering

——   Created by Mary-Jane Roussel

Bring your ABC's to life using these twelve styles of hand-lettering

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2h 32m
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More about this course

This “fun with hand-lettering” class is meant to be just that … FUN!

Set your keyboards and tactile surfaces aside for a while. Grab a pencil, some markers, your watercolour palette, maybe some pencil crayons, too — whatever you find on your shelves — and come along with me to discover 12 styles of hand-lettering.

One letter style will have you “in stitches”, other will encourage you to “play rough”. Maybe you’ll like to walk in the steps of a Scottish architect; perhaps you’ll prefer to ride “the waves”. 

Intrigued? Then come join the class to discover the twelve letter styles, presented through twelve positive and optimistic phrases in the form of simple projects.

This class is not focused on precision or technique … our goal is to have fun writing and drawing letters.

The course project

Each of the twelve styles of hand-lettering is demonstrated through a positive or optimistic phrase or sentence, drawn on a piece of 15 x 20 cm paper. The student may reproduce each sentence as is, or adapt it to his own taste. 

14 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
11 mins
Playing rough
free preview
10 mins
Getting puffy
7 mins
Poppin' plain
24 mins
Making waves
13 mins
In stitches
11 mins
Thick 'n' thin
7 mins
Going geometric
10 mins
Black letter
12 mins
Brushing up
13 mins
Scottish architect
22 mins
Faux calligraphy
13 mins
2 mins
Project & conclusion

About the instructor

Mary-Jane Roussel

Hello. Allow me introduce myself: my name is Mary-Jane Roussel. I’m Canadian -- and French! I come from the Kawarthas (in Ontario) and live in …

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