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Fundamentals of Avoiding Depression

——   Created by Jules Allen-Rowland

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Depression and low motivation are a growing problem, with many people finding that nothing seems to help them feel better or lift their mood. The benefit of medication, vitamins, and 'pep me up' tonics is short-lived and for many people, growing older looms with increasing low mood and energy, robbing us of the joy it is our right as vital humans, to experience.   

We may go from doctor to psychologist, to psychiatrist, with no light at the end of the tunnel, creating more anxiety, stress, and fear for our future, for how can we face our future when we feel so low?   

This course will give you essential information about the foundations of depression, specifically about neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine and what we need to do to either enhance the medication we are taking, or turn around the downward spiral leading to ineffective, or diminishing supply of our necessary neurotransmitters   

Specifically, this course will increase your understanding of insulin, a hormone we are constantly exposed to, and how exactly Insulin affects neurotransmitter activity, particularly that of Serotonin and Dopamine.  

This course will give you a place to start, with changes you yourself can effect, without the need for expensive consultations. It will give you some guidelines in order to begin to make positive, impactful changes, to turn low mood and depression around.  

11 Lessons

2 mins
Introduction and lecturer credentials
3 mins
Signs and symptoms of mood and neurotransmitter disorders
5 mins
What are neurotransmitters? Types and their action in the nerve
3 mins
Types of neurotransmitters and how they affect the nerve
4 mins
Effect of stress on mood
7 mins
How exactly insulin and a high carbohydrate diet affect neurotransmitter action and our mood
3 mins
Quick summary of the effect in the body
8 mins
A pertinent question answered
5 mins
How to go about reducing the effect of inulin to help recover optimal neurotransmitter balance
2 mins
Impact of gut health on mood and depression
1 min
Thank you and goodbye

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Jules Allen-Rowland
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I trained initially as a podiatrist and then went on to do a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and communication. I live in South Africa and …

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