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Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Learn fundamentals of ladder diagram for PLC by using LogixPro simulator for electrical power engineering

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6h 35m
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 "Ultimate PLC Programming Course Using Logixpro Simulator" ⚡️

The only course out there which can teach you the basics of PLC programming with fun and awesome simulations

This course is designed for anyone who has zero knowledge about PLC and would like to learn the basics of PLC and ladder programming.

In this course, we will use logixpro simulator in which we will write the coding and simulate inside the program so that we can see the effect of our ladder diagram.

In this course we will:

  1. Understand PLC hardware configuration.
  2. Understand the types of inputs and outputs in PLC.
  3. Understand the advantages of using PLC over classic control.
  4. Differentiate between PLC programming languages.
  5. Learn the definition of PLC scan cycle.
  6. How to use markers in PLC.
  7. How to use counters and timers.
  8. Do tasks in silo, batch, I/O, and door simulators.

32 Lessons

3 mins
Course Content
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5 mins
What Is LogixPro?
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34 mins
Overview on PLC
6 mins
Important Symbols
15 mins
Normally Opened, Normally Closed and Output Coils in Ladder Diagram
17 mins
Start-Stop Circuit
12 mins
Task 1 in Batch Simulator
12 mins
Task 2 in Batch Simulator
14 mins
Task 1 in Door Simulator
10 mins
Scan Cycle and Markers
15 mins
Task 3 in Batch Simulator Part 1
11 mins
Task 3 in Batch Simulator Part 2
13 mins
Task 4 in Batch Simulator Part 1
10 mins
Task 4 in Batch Simulator Part 2
7 mins
Latched and Unlatched Output in Ladder Diagram
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Ahmed  Mahdy
Ahmed Mahdy

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I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I have been an instructor for more than 5 years in electrical engineering, I have helped more …

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