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Game Theory - Operations Research

——   Created by Madhusudan Sohani

Game Theory

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More about this course

I have already put up four courses under the series ‘Operations Research’ and have received good response from students all over the globe. Encouraged by the response so received, I thought of making this new course on Game Theory, a celebrated topic in Operations Research. It’s primarily a situation of two competitive players playing a ‘Game’ with each other when the payoffs are known to either parties fully. Both the players are assumed to be rational; that means they will not do anything that will hurt themselves. The course will introduce the basic concepts in game theory. What is covered is the basic concepts such as games with saddle point and games without saddle point. Games of pure strategies Vs games of mixed strategies. Easy ways of solving two by two games have been covered. After this the 'Rule of Dominance' has been covered, with a view to reduce the size of the game where ever possible. Even the modified rule of dominance has been covered.

12 Lessons

Part 1
7 mins
Introduction to Game Theory
free preview
23 mins
Preliminaries in Game Theory, Saddle Point etc
15 mins
Practice problems on Saddle Point
21 mins
A 2 x 2 Game of Mixed Strategies
27 mins
Introducing the Rule of Dominance
13 mins
Rule of Dominance – Continued
Part 2
3 mins
30 mins
Game Theory Graphical Solution for a Two Row Game
21 mins
Game Theory Graphical Solution for a Two Column Game
18 mins
Method of 'Oddments' for solving a game theory problem
11 mins
Method of ‘Oddments’ Another Practice Problem
17 mins
Game as a Linear Programming Problem

About the instructor

Madhusudan  Sohani

Having completed a Master's degree in Physics, and an MBA in Financial Management, I worked in the industry from 1977 to 2002. Simultaneously to working, …

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