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Choosing fonts for different occasions

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

Learn how to choose a font accordingly to the situation!

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This class is about how to choose fonts, but in a more practical way for different occasions. Here we are choose fonts, discard, see which turns out to be better for the occasion, see which fits the composition and so on. I talk about, again, reassuring, how every font leaves an impression. The occasions are the following:

- Reading;

- Comics;

- Funny / Childish;

- Elegant;

- Extravagant;

- Formal.

And, for last, I will talk about which are the colors that should be used for the best reading of the text, both background and letter, always giving you examples of everything that I do, alright? So, time to begin!

The course project

The project for this class consists in trying to choose at least one of the situations that I covered during this class, or pick another one, and apply the theory for the situation. Is the need for a more readable font? Funny? Elegant? Formal? More than one need? It does not matter as long that I'm capable of providing you some feedback to the layout that you create, alright?

8 Lessons

29 mins
Reading type
37 mins
Comics type
26 mins
Funny / Childish type
17 mins
Elegant type
36 mins
Extravagant type
27 mins
Formal type
14 mins
Color combinations that are appropriate for reading
1 min
Summing it up


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