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Creating a video on After Effects

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

Learn to use the tools, resources and diffent combinations to create almost anything on After Effects!

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3h 12m
Lesson time
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More about this course

This class is for everybody that wants to learn how to create a video on Adobe After Effects, especially begginers. Here, I record myself and make a Star Wars video from the footage, talking about the step by step for you to try to make your own, that is: hiding everything that is not supposed to appear in the final video; color correcting the footage; placing the lightsaber (with a free downloadable plugin); adding a lettering; adding a soundtrack; and, for last, rendering. If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. So, time to learn!

The course project

This class project consists in creating some project on Adobe After Effects and post the video here. You can use the tools and resources that I teach on this class or even something else. It may be a simple project because I know how managing a project on this software can be a time consuming task, or it can be like I have shown during this class, with a Star Wars theme, or maybe something else. Nevertheless, it is important that I am able to provide you with some feedback so that you can become better and discover other things on Adobe After Effects.

I'm posting both the original and the final videos because I think there was a problem with the audio. I could hear well while I was recording, so I was able to synchronize it, but for you folks I think it may be hard to hear. In the final version, though, you can hear well :)

9 Lessons

2 mins
Introducing the video
54 mins
Composition 1 - hiding everything
15 mins
Composition 2 - color correction
31 mins
Composition 3 - placing the lightsaber
54 mins
Composition 4 - lettering
24 mins
Composition 5 - soundtrack
10 mins
5 mins
Comparing the original and the final versions
1 min
Summing it up

About the instructor

Gabriel Ortolan
Gabriel Ortolan

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I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a …

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