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Games that visually work well: Darkest Dungeon & Don't Starve

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

You are gonna be able to amplify your repertoire when it comes to design of games, especially the visuals!

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This class is for everybody that got curious by what Darkest Dungeon and Don't Starve got features in common visually and to why they work so well when used together. The first game is a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG - and eventually stressfull - and the second one is an action-adventure game with heavy emphasis in surviving - that also has its moments of stress. Be ready to enter the hand made drawing universe of both games!

The course project

This class project consists in having a discussion between the points analysed on the videos and those that you could noticed that I haven't spoken about, or even if I left something out when talking about these topics that were addressed. Have I forgot something? Have I left something out? Go ahead and tell me :)

7 Lessons

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13 mins
Outline and colors
4 mins
16 mins
16 mins
Details that add
4 mins
1 min
Summing it up

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Gabriel Ortolan
Gabriel Ortolan

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I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a …

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