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How to develop your own drawing style

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

A unique way to make your work, and, what's better, developed by you!

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This class is about how to create a unique way of drawing, using as reference the work of other artists to give you ideas and help you to develop your own style. The first part covers the general concept of what I consider having a unique style while the main part has 4 simple steps that I believe will guide you in the process. Let´s draw! :)

The course project

The project for this class consists in following the 4 steps given on the videos and taking your time when trying to see the results. Probably they will not come early, especially if you are a begginer. One of the best approaches is trying to practice daily and compare your results after each month. Do not be afraid to try and neither to start from scratch every time you are not satisfied. Sometimes that´s where the best results will come from.

7 Lessons

16 mins
General idea for a unique style
4 mins
Step 1 - Seach for artists work
1 min
Step 2 - Save what you found interesting
2 mins
Step 3 - Identify the elements
4 mins
Step 4 - Get to work
9 mins
A few other tips
1 min
Summing it up


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