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How to pick fonts

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

If you never know which font to pick, this class is for you!

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This class is about how to pick fonts. If you are in need to create a layout but are kind of lost in relation of how to choose fonts, so this class is for you. Here I talk about how every font leaves an impression (that depends on what the message is that you are trying to achieve), the possibility that you have in testing every font so that you know that the most appropriate font has been chosen, and including a few recommendations of mine, between other things.

The course project

The project for this class consists in trying to pick at least two fonts for your composition, one for the title and other for the text, whatever it is that you are trying to create. If you come to the conclusion that one font for the whole composition is enough, that is fine as well. Just try not to pick way too many fonts if there is no need to. Again, two different types should be enough.

8 Lessons

2 mins
Every font leaves an impression
2 mins
Missing glyphs
2 mins
Testing every font
1 min
Serif vs Non-serif
1 min
Handwritten fonts
1 min
Picking too many fonts
2 mins
Sending for printing and Recomendations
1 min
Summing it up


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