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Manual Illustration Techniques

——   Created by Gabriel Ortolan

From pencil to rendering, you will be introduced to 7 different manual illustration techniques!

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This class is for everybody that wants to learn more about manual illustration techniques, which I consider essential for all illustrators to have, at least, a basic knowledge about. Here I talk about pencil, colored pencils, chalk pastels, colored pens, rendering, pen and ink (the disposable pens) and charcoal. I try to give you my impressions related with the technique in topic; teach you how to use it; show an exercise for you that are not familiar with the regarding technique (I'll just do it for a few techniques); show one or two examples of works that I've done; and, for last, I'll make a drawing using that technique (shown in time lapse). I'll do the same sequence for all seven techniques, and, in the end, I'll compare the results of the drawings of each technique, alright? So, time to learn!

The course project

This class project consists in creating some drawing of your choice. It can have detalis or be a very basic stylized one. It can be also done with just one technique, or, if you have the material, for all the techniques that I teach on this class. Again, it's not important that you use all the materials shown, but the one(s) that you feel more confortable with when working, that you know you can handle very well, ok?

11 Lessons

28 mins
22 mins
Colored pencils
18 mins
Chalk pastels
12 mins
Colored pens
11 mins
19 mins
Pen and ink (disposable pens)
10 mins
22 mins
Analyzing the results
3 mins
Why I did not include ink
20 mins
How to use
1 min
Summing it up


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