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What makes a character consistent?

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You are gonna be able to amplify your repertoire when it comes to analyze the design of a character.

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This class is about the points that make a character consistent. It basically means that he/she, at the same time, must stay relevant to the plot and able to draw attention to his/her visual. This can be applied to any character whatsoever, but in this class, we are going to be talking specifically about the game Final Fantasy X, and exploit the good examples as well as the bad ones from it. For last, we are having a review of those points. Let's see what those are!

The course project

This class project consists in telling if you agree with those points mentioned during the class, and if not, tell me why you don't consider this or that point important and if you would replace it for some other one. For example, "I don't consider his visual the most important thing, but his role in the story. I would replace visuals for charisma because I think that...". It's more a discussion than a project, but nevertheless, I consider it to be valid.

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13 mins
Good examples
8 mins
Problematic ones
11 mins
2 mins
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