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Get a Job of your Dreams in IT

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Your first stop for IT Job - Learn everything about Information Technology (IT) fields

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Have you ever dreamed of getting a job in Information Technology (IT) but don't know where to start. Perhaps you want to switch your career to IT and struggling to find information about different IT fields and the right guidance

This course is designed to target those students who NO clear path in IT career. You have heard from so many people that you should get a job in IT, but do you know you which IT field is right for you? You might have also heard from people to get a job in system administration, database, programming, networking etc. but are those jobs the right fit for you?

In this course you will learn different components of IT, different types of jobs in IT and which job is right for you based on your background, your knowledge, your education and your liking.

I will teach you how IT works and almost every field of IT where you can pursue your career. A few of the topics include:

  • System administration
  • Help desk technicians
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Application support
  • Programming or development
  • Leadership roles in IT
  • Junior IT roles


Testimonial from my students:

  • Teacher Imran is a very knowledgeable person who can teach you and give you the full comprehensive information about the different IT fields which you will choose one of them to be specialized in. So, I am highly recommending people to join his interesting course. -- Mohammad Nasser Kayed

  • The course is very structured. Easy to follow and fulfill what I expected. Example of careers that exists in IT field and good simple explanation of IT fields. Would recommend to those who would like to know more about IT fields and jobs related to it. -- Fatah Rokbi

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful course. I am looking forward to see some more exciting courses from you.
  • Regards, -- Hasan Raza
  • The 2hrs Course worth the time that i have spent here, learning many insights of the IT indutry. First of all i would like to give a big appreciation and applause to the course Instructor for the way he presented this course. I reallhy enjoyed the course and when i started from the introduction video, i completed the whole 40 lectures and now i am giving the review. Thank You Sir and keep us motivating. Thare is lot more in the IT industry and that i have learned trough your presentation. Thank You Sir -- Cris Roy

  • Imran is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. As others have said, you can tell that he is not just trying to sell a course, but that he is invested in giving his students a strong career foundation with a positive and approachable attitude. He is also entertaining with his use of pop culture and practical work examples. It really feels like you're in a classroom with him. I'm taking this course mainly as a hobbyist, but got a lot from it already. The homework assignments, quizzes, and handouts help reinforce the material.  -- Raymond B.
  • Worth it, I gained a lot knowledge. I think now I know what to do for my career. I mean which path i'm more interested in , i think it is DeVop engineer. THANK YOU SOO MUCH . --Adapa. Chathurya

37 Lessons

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Course Outline
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Information Technology
5 mins
Facts about Information Technology (IT)
2 mins
What is Information Technology and How IT works?
Components of IT
3 mins
IT Components
2 mins
What is Hardware
2 mins
Examples of Computer
4 mins
Computer Hardware Manufacturers
6 mins
Hardware Jobs
Operating System
2 mins
What is Operating System?
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Imran  Afzal
Imran Afzal
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Imran Afzal has over 20 years of experience in Systems administration/engineering, leadership, entrepreneurship, training, and public speaking.

Currently Imran manages a large team of systems …

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