Getting Started Web Development Tools and Resources

——   Created by Laurence Svekis

Basics of web development - how to get started learning and understanding the basic foundations for web development

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Bonus PDF guide Packed full of tips - resources and useful information presented within the course.

Perfect course to get YOU STARTED - First stop to becoming a web developer.

Fundamentals of how the internet works, basics of what coding is and how to start coding to create web content.

Course walks you through how the internet works and what tools and resources to consider for creating websites and web content.

  • Introduction to how the internet works
  • What a web browser does
  • How computers connect to DNS
  • How files are sent from a server to your computer browser
  • Servers and the internet
  • File types for web based coding
  • Server and browser - Source Code
  • Coding tools editors and online editors
  • Learning to code and resources
  • Useful tools and code checking
  • Web developer tracking of projects and communication
  • Tips to grow and expand with web development
  • Interesting resources and useful stuff

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience, ready to help you learn more.

You have nothing to lose - take the first step today!!!

12 Lessons

4 mins
Introduction Getting Started with WebDev.
4 mins
Get to know the Internet
5 mins
How the internet Works
5 mins
6 mins
Web Developer Resources
5 mins
Browsers for Coding
6 mins
Get Help Learn Coding
6 mins
Tools and Resources
6 mins
More tools useful stuff
9 mins
Project Tracking Comm Tools
4 mins
Grow as a Developer
8 mins
Fun Stuff Resources

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Laurence Svekis
Laurence Svekis
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