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Getting Started with Todoist

——   Created by Dan LeFebvre

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You can be more productive right now. Learn how by taking full advantage of the popular task management tool Todoist. Millions of people around the world use Todoist every day to help them get stuff done. Now you can, too!

The course project

Learn how to be more productive today with one of the most powerful task management tools around.


Share a task with me!


  • If you don't already have one, sign up for a free Todoist account.
  • Then, create a custom project called "Finish Quick Start to Todoist"
  • Share the project with me at [email protected]
  • Create a task to me called "Please verify that I've added everything properly"
  • Assign a label (whatever you'd like) and give me a due date of one week
  • When I've accepted the share, assign the task to me so it'll show up in my Todoist account
  • I'll accept the share and complete the task

23 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
8 mins
Getting familiar with Todoist's interface
free preview
6 mins
Adding projects and tasks
6 mins
Overview of the task screen
7 mins
Working with projects and subprojects
7 mins
Using smart date recognition
7 mins
Understanding list and board views
10 mins
All about karma in Todoist
6 mins
Options for customizing Todoist
7 mins
Sharing projects with others
4 mins
Adding attachments to tasks
5 mins
Organizing tasks with labels
10 mins
Working with filters
7 mins
Saving time with project templates
7 mins
Emailing tasks to Todoist
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Dan  LeFebvre
Dan LeFebvre
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Dan's career has spanned experience as a web developer to motion designer to 3D artist with a focus on fluid dynamics and VFX to building …

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