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Git and GitHub for DevOps Engineers

——   Created by Valaxy Technologies

DevOps Engineer Roles on Git and GitHub from Creating a Repository to Releasing Code onto Production Environment

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6h 14m
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Not sure where to start your DevOps journey? or

Want to know what kind of activates a DevOps Engineer do on Git and GitHub in the real-world? or

Would you like to setup a production ready Git environment for your developers? then this course for you. I have created this course in the prospective of DevOps Engineer who is not writing application code much. I have taken a real-world project to explain from creating a repository to releasing code onto production environment. This give complete understanding of power of Git and GitHub. I hope you will enjoy this course.

52 Lessons

Getting Ready
4 mins
Course Overview
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2 mins
Before Starting
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1 min
About Instructor
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7 mins
What is Version Control system
3 mins
Installing Git on Windows
9 mins
Setup An EC2 instance and Install Git on Linux
5 mins
Working With Git Bash
Working With Git
8 mins
Creating a Repository on Git
14 mins
Git Stages
8 mins
Git Workflow
12 mins
Compare Code Changes With Different Git Stages
6 mins
Compare Code Changes With Different Local Commits
Working with GitHub
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About the instructor

Valaxy Technologies

I am a DevOps Consultant specialized in cloud and DevOps. I have been doing training for the past 5 years for hundreds of students. I …

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