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Group Choreography

——   Created by CS Motion Design

Crowd Animation In Cinema 4D

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More about this course

Hi, my Name is Christian. Welcome to the Course!

I am a Motion Designer and 3D Genralist with over 9 Years Experience in the Industry. 

Since recently I also create video tutorials to share my knowledge.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to create a huge group choreography with the help of Mograph in Cinema 4d.


- Cinema 4D (R20)

- After Effects

- Octane Render (optional)

In this course you will learn how you can increase an animation thousands of times, with the help of a clone object. And control it with the help of fields, to create a huge group choreography in the form of a countdown.

After finishing the course you will have the skills to deal with this mass of clones and at the same time maintain a good performance in Cinema 4D. You will also be able to create any group choreography afterwards.

We will take care of the following topics:

- Creating our Animation with Mixamo and reduce poly

-Quick Explenation on the Clone Modes

- Conversion of our animation and why need to do it

-Creating our Cloner Setup

- Creating our 2D Animation in After Effects

- Adding our 2D Animation to our Cloner Setup.

- Octane show off / Breakdown

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of Mograph.

Background Music i used:

The course project

As a task for this class I would really like to see what you can achieve with this workflow.

Create your own group choreography.

You don't have to make a countdown. You can use the clones to write a name or to display an emoji.

You could also use a different animation than the Stand Up animation, Mixamo has a lot to offer here.

I'm really looking forward to See your results and different Animations!

6 Lessons

1 min
free preview
6 mins
Mixamo und reduce poly
free preview
7 mins
Conversion of our animation and why need to do it
14 mins
Creating our 2D animation in AE
6 mins
Adding the shader field
4 mins
Octane breakdown

About the instructor

CS Motion Design

Hello, my name is Christian. I am a motion designer and 3D generalist. I've worked in the industry for nine years.

During this time I …

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