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Habits Masterclass: Breaking Bad Habits Made Easy

——   Created by Nitesh Gurnani

5 Simple Strategies to Break Bad Habits from Your Life!

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Are you finding yourself browsing mindlessly on Instagram, Facebook and getting distracted or you’re binging on Netflix for long hours, or you’re finding yourself munching on snacks, chocolates and having a huge calorie intake and basically eating whatever food comes your way?? I actually was like that.

You somehow know that it isn’t good for you to do it, but you still end up doing it. It’s absolutely not your fault my friends, but your habits.

When we wake up in the morning, our day begins with brushing teeth, checking our mobile phones, having a cup of tea, maybe doing morning meditations, reading newspapers and it can end with an entertaining podcast every day which puts you to sleep. We can check our whole day and it is filled with a lot of habits like these.

We tend to think that we are making informed decisions each time, but each time, it is happening automatically every day without putting a conscious effort, out of our habits. Habit runs our life and if we’ve bad habits, our life can get stuck.

That's where Habits Masterclass will help you break bad habits from your life. In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Definition of Habits & Correlation of Habits to Success
  • The Science of Habits
  • The Components of Habits
  • Classification of Habits into Sreyaskar & Preyaskar
  • 5 Simple Strategies to Break Bad Habits
  • 3 Easy Strategies to Keep Good Habits
  • Vedantic & Spiritual Wisdom to Structure Habits

Along with this and much more, we'll together learn throughout the masterclass with each other. Habit Experts Books James Clear & Charles Duhigg has been referenced. You can further check out their books through the above link to expand your horizons on Habits.

16 Lessons

4 mins
Introduction to Habits Masterclass
free preview
2 mins
My Story
6 mins
Definition of Habits & Correlation of Habits to Success
free preview
4 mins
The Real Activity : Listing Down Habits
5 mins
Classify your Habits
4 mins
Understanding Vrittis & Samskaras
Science of Habits
4 mins
The Science of Habits
3 mins
Components of Habit
5 Strategies to Break Bad Habits
7 mins
Break Bad Habits- Changing Desired Identity
4 mins
Break Bad Habits- Make It Invisible
6 mins
Break Bad Habits- Changing Environment
4 mins
Break Bad Habits- Create Friction
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About the instructor

Nitesh  Gurnani

Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist . …

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