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Hand-Drawn Animation with Photoshop's Video Timeline

——   Created by Sykosan

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1h 07m
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More about this course

Throughout this class, you will learn how to use the video timeline in Photoshop to create beautiful hand-drawn animations.

Who is this class for? This class is suitable for all Photoshop users. You don't need to be an expert, but some basic knowledge of the interface, the tools, the brushes and layers will be helpful.

What will we cover? Together, we'll have a close look at the video timeline and the essential tools needed to create hand-drawn animations. You will learn:

  • Setting up your project
  • Setting your frame rate
  • Creating frames
  • Organizing your frames.
  • The pros and cons of video layers and video folders to best organize your work
  • Creating a rough animation with key frames and inbetweens.
  • Coloring your animation
  • Animating the properties of a layer
  • Exporting your amazing animation for your clients, the web and as a gif

These very useful skills can be used for all kinds of animation projects. Whether you work on personal or professional projects, whether your style is cartoon, realistic or abstract, Photoshop can be your main animation tool.

So for anybody who loves Photoshop and whether you're a pro or a wannabe animator, this class is essential to get started!

The course project

For the class project, you will animate something coming out of the magic box. It could be anything, something simple and funny like a frog leaping out, or some bubbles, a flower, a small fish, or anything else that comes to mind.

Class Resources: I have attached a PSD file of the magic box animation. Download it, open it and start animating! :)

I recommend that you try to keep it short and sweet. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

10 Lessons

3 mins
8 mins
6 mins
Layers vs folders
8 mins
Key frames
10 mins
6 mins
Clean up
8 mins
9 mins
Animated properties
14 mins
2 mins
Class Project and Conclusion

About the instructor

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Hi! I'm Sykosan :)

I am French / British and I am a 2D traditional animator and illustrator since 2004. I am based in London. …

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