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Handling Aggression

——   Created by Dr Neil Thompson

Keeping Yourself Safe in Difficult Situations

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2h 41m
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This particular course has been developed to help staff and managers across a wide range of organizations and sectors to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. Participants will be helped to:

  • Understand the human and financial costs of aggression and violence
  • Recognize the warning signs of impending aggression
  • Develop strategies for preventing aggression; defusing it; and dealing with the aftermath.

No one can guarantee that aggression will not occur, but well-informed staff can learn to recognize early warning signs, to implement strategies for preventing difficult situations from escalating into aggression, defuse aggression when it does arise and manage the aftermath effectively. That is precisely what this course is all about. The insights gained from this course could make all the difference between a well-managed situation that does no harm (and could earn you a lot of respect), and the potentially tragic consequences of dissatisfaction growing into aggression and ultimately becoming violence.

This course will make you better informed and more confident in facing potentially violent situations.

20 Lessons

3 mins
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Lesson 1 - Making Yourself Safe
4 mins
Lesson 1.1 - What situations produce aggression?
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7 mins
Lesson 1.2 - Effective use of conflict management skills
10 mins
Lesson 1.2 - Preventing aggression
Lesson 2 - Warning Signs
8 mins
Lesson 2.1 - Situational signs
11 mins
Lesson 2.2 - Recognizing the warning signs
9 mins
Lesson 2.3 - Recognizing the warning signs continued
Lesson 3 - Defusing The Situation
8 mins
Lesson 3.1 - Defusing the situation I
12 mins
Lesson 3.2 - Defusing the situation II
17 mins
Lesson 3.3 - Defusing the situation III
Lesson 4 - Protecting Yourself
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Dr Neil Thompson is a highly experienced tutor and trainer. He is highly respected for his ability to explain complex ideas clearly and effectively. His …

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