HIPAA & HITECH Part 3: Assessments & Risk Analysis

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Part 3 of HIPAA and HITECH: Pathway to Compliance

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Privacy and Security Assessments and Risk Analysis processes are administrative safeguards mandated by HIPAA/HITECH. The private and secure management of PHI requires mapping out how PHI/ePHI moves into and through various departments and divisions, how PHI/ePHI is used and disclosed by each department and division, and plans for protection of PHI/ePHI in various types of catastrophic events. Documentation derived from these assessments and analyses is essential to a viable Compliance Plan and some of the first documents likely to be requested for review in an OCR audit. In 5 Sections, Part 3 provides guidelines for conducting:

  1. Privacy Assessments - Section 1
  2. Security Assessments - Section 2
  3. Risk Analysis - Section 3

Part 3 also provides guidelines for incorporating the data derived from these processes into its documented Compliance Plan (Sections 4 and 5). Documentation developed from Part 3 can be produced at OCR audits to demonstrate HIPAA/HITECH Compliance efforts.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone responsible for creating and implementing a HIPAA and HITECH compliance plan within their organization

6 Lessons

Overview and Outline
Privacy Assessment
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Security Systems Assessment
Privacy Assessment
Risk Analysis
Security Systems Assessment
Organize and Evaluate Information and Data
Organize and Evaluate Information and Data
Draft the HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Plan
Draft the HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Plan
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