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How To Be Happy

——   Created by Pavel Petrov

Learn Practical Techniques You Can Start Using TODAY Towards a Happier Life

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Nowadays it's very easy to find negativity. Not only because there are more and more sources, but because negativity sales. Newspapers, TV, Radio, magazines, social media. Everywhere you turn you hear about natural disasters, murders, kidnappings, frauds. This makes it very difficult to have a positive attitude. Difficult but not impossible!

In this course, I'll show you tips and techniques that will increase your happiness level. We'll discuss common problems we face and give practical solutions to those problems.

For full happiness, you can't use just one or two of the tips from this course. You have to use as many as possible.

The whole course is designed in a way that you can get back to it at any given moment and rewatch only a specific part you need to refresh.

How is this course different from the rest?

Most online courses fail. That's because the content is not good enough or the traine

The course project

Your first point of action is to write down on a piece of paper all the keys mentioned in this course. Have a read-through and see how you are doing so far in life: great, good, ok, bad, needs a lot of work.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT START WITH THE ONES THAT NEED WORK! Start with the ones you are doing great and see if you can upscale and make them greater. Always start with those ones, even in other aspects of life. It will take you less time and work to get better at those things, rather than starting something from scratch.

Once you believe you have practiced a key to a great standard, circle it on the list and move to the next one.

IMPORTANT: you need to start straight away! The more you will wait on this... the more difficult it will get when you start.

Remember... if you don't use it, you lose it!

23 Lessons

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Intro 00
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3 mins
My Promise to YOU
11 mins
Key 1 Environment
7 mins
Key 2 Choices
11 mins
Key 3 Disappointments
5 mins
Key 4 Other people's opinion
6 mins
Key 5 Perfectionism
13 mins
Key 6 Be Positive
8 mins
Key 7 Perspective
9 mins
Key 8 The world Moves on
13 mins
Key 9 Scenarios
4 mins
Key 10 the 3 question method
free preview
6 mins
Key 11 World Ranking
12 mins
Key 12 Social media, bullying & Dealing with difficult people
16 mins
Key 13 Work
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Pavel Petrov
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Author, videographer, and tour guide, Pavel is one of the most positive people you will ever meet.

Currently living in London from where he posts …

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