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How to be happy

——   Created by Dr Neil Thompson

Improve your well-being

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I just want to be happy’ is a common refrain, but what does it actually mean to be happy? Why do we see it as so important and what can we actually do to achieve our goal? These are some of the key issues explored by this course. It will help you to develop a fuller understanding of happiness, learn about the relationship between happiness and well-being and explore some strategies for achieving happiness and improving well-being.

After a short introduction, the course offers six video-based lessons. In the first we explore what we mean by happiness and explain it in the context of the ‘happiness spectrum’. We also introduce the WELL-BEING framework. Lessons 2 to 6 then explore the different elements of that framework.

There is also a module companion workbook that you will need to print out before you start the course. It contains space for notes plus an exercise relating to each of the three lessons. This is an important resource for you, as it will help to extend and consolidate your understanding and provide you with a set of notes to act as a reference source for future development.

8 Lessons

What Do We Mean By Happiness?
3 mins
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The Well-Being Framework
6 mins
Lesson 1
free preview
8 mins
Lesson 2 - Work-life balance and emotional resilience
7 mins
Lesson 3 - Love, friendship, learning, and development
8 mins
Lesson 4 - Belonging, connectedness, exercise, and fitness
8 mins
Inspiration, values, and the numinous
10 mins
Goals, purpose, and direction
4 mins

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