How to build a viral brand - referral marketing & giveaways

——   Created by Jack Paxton

The campaigns, growth hacks, ads, creatives and emails you need to copy!

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More about this course

If you are looking to build a brand or business, you will want to consider the impact of word of mouth, referral, and ambassadors. Not to mention the opportunity this brings once you include incentivization and paid ads to scale. This course goes into how to use referral or reward programs and giveaways to build a brand of passionate fans, leads, and customers.

Build an audience that buys

The most successful companies in the world all have 1 thing in common. They have brand loyalty. Followers and customers willing to engage, share, buy and refer! This is something that’s actually achievable if you know how. Which is why you are going to want to watch this course.

Use referral marketing to do the heavy lifting

Stop trying to build a brand on your own and sell your products 1 by 1. A brand like Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Supreme, Nike, DJI, Apple, etc. all leverage referral marketing. This form of marketing allows the viral snowball effect to do all the heavy lifting. Provide the incentive and gamification, then the growth will come!

13 Lessons

The Power Of Free
Referral Marketing Secrets
Referral Types To Use
Choosing Prizes & Rewards
How To Increase Your Value Offering
Designing A Referral Campaign That Converts
Designing Eye Catching Social Images
How To Use Engagement Emails
Understanding Lead Quality
Organic Marketing Guide
Using Paid Advertising To Scale
Converting Your Leads
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About the instructor

Jack helps companies scale using paid ads (Facebook & Google, etc).

Starting in 2013 he’s launched the Top Growth Marketing agency and accumulated $150 million-plus in profitable ad spend.

He's worked with small startups to large brands managing spends from $100/day to $100,000/day.

After identifying the power of virality, sharing …

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