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How to Build a Website Step-by-Step For Business Owners & Agencies

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Create a Website That Converts

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Building a website is not an easy task, even for those who are experienced. This course will take you through all the steps and everything you need to consider before, during and after your website project. This course will help you prepare you create a website that not only you will be proud of but truly converts.

34 Lessons

2 mins
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2 mins
Start Here Website
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3 mins
Websites are like houses
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4 mins
Why build a website?
11 mins
Hire Expert or Do-It-Yourself
3 mins
Why planning is important
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29 mins
W07 Planning Your Foundation
5 mins
Create Your Website Vision
2 mins
What problem does your offering solve?
4 mins
Who is your target audience?
2 mins
Creating your website goals
9 mins
Create a wishlist
3 mins
Create your website budget
2 mins
When to begin your website build
4 mins
Assign roles for your website project
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We love helping aspiring online businesses build and profit from their digital business, one course at a time. We teach digital marketing courses, with …

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