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How to Build Incredible ChatBots

——   Created by Sachin Tyagi

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Have you ever wondered how chat bots are made?

Why are chat bots the next big trend?

How can I build chat bots that are cool?

If you ever wanted to understand the space of Bots or build them yourself, then take my course "How to Build Incredible ChatBots".

I designed it in a practical way so that when you finish the content you can immediately put it into use. 

The course project

By the end of the course, you'll be able to create a basic chatbot.  Your chatbot should be able to respond to basic questions as well as express opinion.

23 Lessons

2 mins
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10 mins
What are ChatBots
free preview
9 mins
Anatomy of a Chatbot
12 mins
Your First Chatbot
20 mins
19 mins
Personalising the greeting
22 mins
Fetching data from Google Places API
18 mins
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24 mins
The Interactive Terminal
24 mins
Understanding Regular Expressions
24 mins
Meet your chatbot
25 mins
The Parser
13 mins
Weather Forecast
25 mins
Bot Meets Facebook Messenger
32 mins
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Sachin Tyagi
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Sachin began dabbling with Computer Programming & Graphics at the age of 14 on a Sinclair Spectrum Home Computer using the BASIC language. During the …

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