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How to Create Paintings with Color and Impact in Oils

——   Created by Malcolm Dewey

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Do you want paintings that are vibrant, colorful and expressive? That get all the attention? If so then this practical class will help you.

This lesson will focus on Two Practical Techniques in oil painting:

1. Simplification of shapes;

2. How to Keep color notes clean and vibrant.

You will learn how to keep color mixing effective ensure powerful color notes. 

Secondly you will see how to paint a colorful Autumn tree using a simple arrangement of shapes, But the scene will remain loose, impressionistic and vibrant. 

Each step is explained clearly.

You can then paint the scene yourself to practice the techniques described. 

These techniques are important to keep your landscape painting loose, expressive and fun.

Ready to begin?

The course project

Now it is your turn to paint a beautiful and colorful painting.

Download the reference and have a go with your oil paints. Add a photo of your work and I will be happy to give you a brief critique.

Thank you and happy painting!

11 Lessons

3 mins
What is this Class About?
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5 mins
Color Materials Explained
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13 mins
Color Notes Mixing Tips
3 mins
Part 1: Compose Simple Shapes
3 mins
Part 2: Block in Simple Shapes
2 mins
Part 3: Light Colors
2 mins
Part 4: Focal Area & Darks
5 mins
Part 5: Middle Values & Greens
9 mins
Part 6: Foreground & Details
5 mins
Part 7: Refine & Finish
2 mins
Your Challenge

About the instructor

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Malcolm Dewey
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Professional artist and author. I work in oils painting in a contemporary impressionist style. Mostly landscapes and figure studies. I have a number of painting …

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