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How to Create Your Own Personal Growth Plan

——   Created by Sarah Ee

Questions and Reflections for Self Development & to Help You Start the New Year Right

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well! 

In this class, I will be sharing with you some journalling and brain dumping exercises to help you develop your own personal growth plan as well as some notes about habits and systems (learnt from James Clear’s Atomic Habits Book and other videos that I've watched).

In this class, we will discuss: 

1. Intrinsic motivation (Why do you want change?) 

2. Current me VS Future Me Exercise (How do you envision yourself in the future?)

3. Wheel of Life Exercise (How do you feel about the various aspects of your life?)

4. Start, Stop, Continue (What habits should you start, stop and continue?) 

5. Goals VS Systems (Why you should focus on the process aka habits and the destination)

6. How to Create Good Habits that You can Follow Through (Habit-Feedback Loop)

7. How To Keep Up With Your Habits (Apps and Tools I Use to Help the Process)

8. Final Thoughts 

I hope this class helped you in some way! 

The course project

As mentioned in the videos, I have created a mini workbook with all the mentioned exercises for you to complete (find it in the attachments!). You may of course do these exercises in a notebook or any piece of paper! 

I would love for you to share some of the exercises that you’ve completed here. It would be lovely to see your current me VS future me, wheel of life and start /stop/continue exercises! If you have other tools or ways to track your progress such as bullet journal spreads, I would very much love to see them too! 

Let’s keep the ideas and examples going so that we can get motivated and motivate others in return! Thank you. 

8 Lessons

1 min
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6 mins
Why Do You Want Change?
17 mins
Wheel of Life Exercise
8 mins
Start, Stop & Continue Exercise
4 mins
Goals VS Systems (Why You Should Focus on Creating Habits)
10 mins
How to Set Good Habits
10 mins
How to Keep Up with Your Habits
5 mins
Final Thoughts

About the instructor

Sarah Ee
Sarah Ee
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Hi everyone, I'm Sarah! I'm a certified yoga teacher, ex freelance makeup artist, and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able …

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