How to Draw a Beagle | Step by Step Tutorial

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2h 25m of on-demand video

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    Hello! My name is Braden Messer, and I am a charcoal artist. I teach a unique charcoal application technique that I call “The 3 Layered Method.” I do not have a formal art education, but I did take an art class in high school once. My charcoal drawing method is a lazy and simple approach for achieving detailed artwork. I have helped thousands of artists conquer the charcoal medium by leveling up their drawing skills. If you want to learn more about the brand and my background, check out our YouTube channel in the "Connect with Me!" section above.

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    Course content

    15 mins
    Tools | Basic Shape
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    15 mins
    Right Ear | Base Layering
    11 mins
    Right Forehead | High Value Retrieval
    14 mins
    Right Eye | Linework & Smudger work
    13 mins
    Texture Building with Hard Charcoal
    12 mins
    Adjusting Left Eye & Nose | More Texture
    12 mins
    Nose | Detail work | Brush work
    8 mins
    Texture | Base Layering | Brush work
    11 mins
    Adjusting Muzzle & Cheek | Brush work
    14 mins
    Left Eye | Linework & Smudger work
    8 mins
    Texture Building | Brush Tricks
    10 mins
    Left Ear | Base Layering
    9 mins
    Finishing Touches | Final Thoughts

    What you'll learn

    Hey guys,

    In this class, I will be taking you through my entire drawing process as we draw a realistic Beagle. I use an approach called the 3 layered method that I have developed over many years of drawing.

    I will be speaking to everything that I do in this class but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I am here to answer any and all questions that you might have in order to help you develop into the best artist you can be.

    The class has been fragmented into (13) digestible lessons. For the best results be sure you use the same materials that I use in the video and don't forget to post your project when you finish! :) 

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    Links to all of the tools are listed below. Follow along at your own pace and remember to have fun :)

    Tools you will need***

    Mixed media paper:

    Art Glove:

    Soft, medium, and hard charcoal pencils:

    Graphite Pencil:

    Sandpaper stick:

    smudgers (multiple sizes):


    Mono Zero Eraser: