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How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy

——   Created by Winda Lee

Easy and Fast Way to Draw

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Hi, I’m Winda Lee. 

I've been in Illustration Industry since 2007 and I've published some titles of children books in my country. 

I love to share my knowledge and drawing skills to other artists, especially the beginner artists. I am former drawing instructor in an drawing course for children and young artists.

Together, we can build this industry larger and larger.


Maybe some of you must be wondering what is cartoon caricature and what the difference of it and the usual caricature style. 

Cartoon caricature is a drawing of a people usually based on the photo which drawn not too realistic but can be still recognized as that person.

This kind of style are very popular among the people, for gifts or even to be sold as prints and service. The possibilities are very huge and it's very fun to learn it.


Whether you are a new artist or even the professional ones, this course is suitable for anyone. With the reasonable price, you can master and learn more to make cartoon caricature in fast and easy way. I will teach you how to draw them on points and effectively.

Also, you can contact me and ask me questions.  

You can find it all in How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy.

What's else?

I will add many updates, including full body, poses, hairs, clothes, and so much more!


Winda Lee

The course project

Hi guys, these are the worksheets that you can use to practice!

After that, you can upload the result below and I will get back to you with inputs :)

Let's start and have fun!

Winda Lee

18 Lessons

1 min
How to Draw Cartoon Body
3 mins
Draw Cartoon Caricature's Head
3 mins
Cartoon Caricature Drawing Steps
2 mins
Trick 1 Point Of Interest
8 mins
Draw Woman Head
free preview
4 mins
Draw Woman Body
6 mins
Draw Woman in Color
4 mins
Draw Man Head
3 mins
Draw Man Body
4 mins
Draw Man in Color
3 mins
Trick 2 Type of Eyes
6 mins
Trick 3 Men's Hairstyles
12 mins
Trick 4 Women's Hair Short
6 mins
Trick 5 Women's Hair Medium
11 mins
Trick 6 Women's Hair Long
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Winda Lee
Winda Lee
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Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer. I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also …

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