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How To Edit Videos With Shotcut Video Editing Software

——   Created by James Woo

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4h 18m
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More about this course

I designed this course to help you start video editing using Shotcut.

Shotcut is a free, cross platform video editor. It is easy to learn even if you have little or no experience. The software is powerful enough for intermediate level video creators.

The software runs on PC, Mac and Linux so you don't need to be concern about the computer you use.

These are the topics that in the course:-

  • How to get started quickly so you can start editing in a short time
  • Overview of Shotcut layout, and tools
  • Basic video editing like splitting, joining, transitions
  • Adding titles, annotation, and music,
  • Split screen
  • Exporting your video in high definition, HD
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Chromakey or greenscreen effect
  • Animated titles, 3D title scroll
  • many other cool things

You will be able to create your first video in approximately 60 minutes

Almost 3 hours of lesson designed in a way you can choose the necessary topics to get started. 

Once you know the basics, you can move on to more advanced techniques.

If you are new to video editing or to Shotcut, I suggest you watch the first few lessons. The title of the lesson will help guide you to a specific topic.

Towards the end of this class, I've included minor updates to Shotcut.

Even if you've never created videos before, this course will be able to help you get started fast. 

Get your video clips ready and lets start.

The course project

For this class project, create a short video using Shotcut from the lessons you learn in this class.

Share your project by uploading your video to on any video service and link to it from your project here.

53 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
1 min
Intro to course
free preview
6 mins
Download Stable Version
free preview
9 mins
Overview of Interface
4 mins
Managing Files in Shotcut
4 mins
Using the Playlist
4 mins
Basic edits
4 mins
Convert video to "Edit Friendly"
free preview
8 mins
Basic edits using the timeline
5 mins
Additional function on the timeline
5 mins
How to use Ripple Trim and Drop
6 mins
Make editing smoother with less lag
5 mins
Creating and adjusting Transitions
4 mins
Using still images to create videos
4 mins
Speed up and slow down video
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James Woo
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Hi. I'm a former engineer and a business owner. I make videos to share what I've used in my business.

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