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How To Find Your Own Style As An Artist

——   Created by LaurieAnne Gonzalez

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Finding your own style is THE most important thing when it comes to being an artist. Especially in our age of social media where we have access to millions of photos and influences.

It’s important to protect your own style and make sure you are being true to yourself so you can stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are a painter, photographer, ceramicist or whatever, this class is for you.

In this class, I am going to talk you thru my own practices on how I have developed my own unique style along with some tips and actionable steps to help you discover and develop YOUR own style.

Together we will identify different artists styles and learn how to be inspired by your favorite artists without copying their work.

Developing your own style isn’t nearly as intimidating as it may seem.

All you need is a little direction and you will find your own unique style in no time!

This class is "lecture style" where I will be taking you through a series of slides. Feel free to take notes or pull out your sketchbook to work on something while you listen. Be sure to check out the class project, as that is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this entire class. Take action on what you learn and start developing your own style today!

I hope this class inspires you!


Class Resources

Suggested Reading:

Suggested Movie:

  • Loving Vincent 

My resources for Artists:

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The course project

(David Hockney with this dogs. Photo: Richard Schmidt)

Take action on what you learned today! This is the most important part of this entire class. This is where you will start to develop your own unique style.

I have 3 class projects, feel free to pick one, or do all 3! I recommend giving them all a try!

Project #1 

Start a 30 or 100 day challenge where you create something every. single. day. It could be that you draw or paint the exact same thing or something different every day. Some examples: your dog, your breakfast, the scene outside of your window, self portraits or something from your brain, etc. Whatever it is, just do something every single day. Highly recommend this project!

Project # 2

Have a tough conversation with yourself and see if you are too influenced by one particular artist. Consider “muting” them or unfollowing them on social media or wherever it is you see their work, so you are not influenced by them anymore. Work on your own style for a solid amount of time and then check back in with that artists work and see how you have grown since you “muted” them! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Project # 3

Pick 5-10 artists that you love and make a list of what exactly it is you love about each artists work. Color palette? Brushstrokes? Subject matter? Try to be as specific as you can. Then, working from your own photo, use that list to help inspire an original work of your own.

When you complete a class project, click "Create Project" and upload it so I can see your beautiful work! 

13 Lessons

2 mins
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6 mins
What is style?
free preview
2 mins
My style
2 mins
Learn the tools
2 mins
Best practices
6 mins
Inspiration etiquette
6 mins
Copying vs. inspiration
3 mins
Me and Monet
2 mins
Trust yourself
1 min
Cross training
1 min
4 mins
Class projects
2 mins
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