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How To Get Your Business Funded

——   Created by Adam Shaw

The Essential Guide for Anyone Considering Not Getting Help

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Less than 1% of businesses looking for equity funding actually get it.

There are several reasons for this; all relating to the following:

  • Not knowing what an investor is looking for
  • Not knowing how an investor likes to be approached
  • Wasting time with irrelevant information
  • Having an unrealistic proposal/valuation
  • Not protecting your business before approaching investors
  • Not being pitch-ready
  • Trying to avoid difficult questions by changing the topic
  • Not knowing what those difficult questions are
  • Not seeking professional advice before taking the plunge

Having interviewed investors, fund managers, Venture Capitalists and Family Office's I have compiled a must-do list for anyone who is thinking of approaching an investor for funding.

If you want any chance of being a part of the less than 1% of businesses to attract equity investment: you must prepare properly or be incredibly lucky.

This course is that preparation for anyone considering seeking equity investment for their company/idea, through a set of short, simple to do steps that you must consider before seeking investment.

21 Lessons

5 mins
Before You Even Think of Seeking an Investor...
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5 mins
Protecting Your Idea
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4 mins
Finding The Right Team
5 mins
Registering for Investor Tax Breaks
5 mins
Your Language Is Important
5 mins
What is Your Idea/Company Worth?
5 mins
You Can Make Your Business More Appealing
5 mins
Friends and Family
5 mins
5 mins
The Cost of Investment
4 mins
Grant Funding
4 mins
How Essential Are You in The Funding Equation?
4 mins
What Type of Investor Are You Looking For?
4 mins
Vet Your Investor
5 mins
How Much Information Do You Send An Investor
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Adam Shaw
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In 1992 I commenced nurse training, and spent 13 years working as a nurse on 3 different continents. Having studied numerous wellbeing courses, workshops and …

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