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How To Increase Your Personal Energy, and Help More People

——   Created by Adam Shaw

The guide for those who don't quite get it, or think energy work is a bit too woo woo!

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If you want to know how your personal energy works, how to increase it, attract more positive people and things, help more people, and feel better more often, this course is for you.

Your personal energy is affected by your thoughts and how you set your day up.

You will learn:

  • A simple system to feel better easily
  • How your thoughts affect your energy
  • How to ground yourself and be safer
  • How to attract things and people that you need into your life
  • How your head and heart interact and the affect this has on your energy
  • How to lighten up
  • The importance of looking after yourself better
  • How to feel better around challenging people
  • How to improve your wellbeing and mood at will

21 Lessons

3 mins
Energy Follows Thought
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4 mins
Asking Power Questions
free preview
5 mins
What Is Energy?
5 mins
Get Grounded
3 mins
Your Breathing Affects Your Mood
3 mins
How Your Head And Heart Interact
5 mins
Be More Self-ish
7 mins
Look After Yourself Better
7 mins
Increase Your Confidence
2 mins
The Learning State
3 mins
The Energy of Appreciation
5 mins
3 mins
Go For a Walk
3 mins
Smile More
4 mins
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About the instructor

Adam  Shaw
Adam Shaw
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In 1992 I commenced nurse training, and spent 13 years working as a nurse on 3 different continents. Having studied numerous wellbeing courses, workshops and …

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