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How to JUMPSTART Your Creativity & STAY Inspired!

——   Created by Storm Pierce

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This class will outline how to get creatively inspired, and then STAY that way!

Students will learn how to:

  • Learn from those who inspire them
  • Remember EVERY idea they ever get
  • ABSORB information in large quantities
  • Evaluate where they are on their path to achieving their goals
  • Rid themselves of distractions to enhance their ability to be productive
  • Make their goals a REALITY!

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The course project

Post what your creative endeavor is, who you are inspired by and where you want to be in the future! Outline in detail what you see for yourself and how you plan to get there!

11 Lessons

1 min
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1 min
PART 1 - Getting Over Creative Block
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2 mins
Learn From Those Who Inspire You!
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2 mins
Make An Idea Journal
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2 mins
Read Read Read!
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1 min
PART 2 - Maintain Your Creative Energy!
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1 min
Eliminate Excuses!
1 min
Evaluate Your Current Position
1 min
Destroy Distractions
2 mins
Keep An Honest Perspective
1 min
Make Your Goals Public, and a Reality!

About the instructor

Storm Pierce
Storm Pierce
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Hey there! I'm Storm.

I'm a YouTuber and Freelance Photographer. Thanks for checking out my profile!

I have a passion for using inexpensive gear to …

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