How to Learn a New Language The Efficient Way (Like a Polyglot)

——   Created by Robin Kunz

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Hello, bonjour, hola, hallo, ciao and olá!

This Course teaches you how to learn any language in the most efficient and evidence-based way possible. You will learn how polyglots (persons who speak more than 10 languages) are learning languages and how we can use the same principles, discover polyglot’s favorite and evidence-based tools: Anki and italki and why the two tools are so good for learning a language. In short, everything you need for learning any new language - at any age with any background!

If you are considering taking this class, chances are that you are learning a foreign language for one reason or another. You might need it for your studies, work, travel, or for connecting with people in your community. In addition, being able to communicate in another language expands our horizonsprovides more opportunities, and even increases our chances of getting a higher pay!

The traditional methods used by the majority of schools and language academies produce results worthy of improvement. Most people finish their courses with a very poor command of the language and after thousands of hours of study! Surely that can't be it, right? In recent years, the popularity of evidence-based methodologies such as this one has been growing and the results are convincing. 

Why should I be qualified?

If you are looking for effective tips and tools that will assist you in your language learning and provide fast results, I can’t wait to share with you what I discovered while learning basic chinese (HSK 2) and rusian (A1) each within only 30 days. 

For context about why I’ve chosen to learn two languages for only 1 month each. I studied business administration at a quite reputable university in europe: the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. The university is ranked in the top 10 worldwide in its field and is considered a "management hotbed" in the industry. To pass, you have to learn two foreign languages during your studies. I was working full time and helping to build up my first company, so I had to manage my time extremely well (failure rate of about 60%; so only every third person graduated) and wanted to challenge myself to learn those languages in only 30 days without ever seeing the teacher! I wanted to be completely on my own. Long story short: I passed both languages quite well and my Chinese teacher even asked me where I learned such good intonation. Challenge mastered!

That was in 2018 and since then my friends and friends of friends have been asking me about it. Now, I have decided to share my experiences in a structured way, in the hope that it will not only benefit a few but everyone who is interested.


Why this course?

This is a structured and well thought out course where I have taken a lot of time as I have prescribed everything so you don't hear things multiple times and everything makes sense in the right order with precise wording. Quality over quantity so you understand the key messages easily and have more time to learn and do stuff you love.


Best of luck!


The course project



  • Blog articles by Tim Ferriss about learning a language like a polyglot (123)


8 Lessons

The System Inspired By Polyglots
Adapt The System To You
Why Nothing Beats Spaced Repetition
Brief Overview of Anki
Why Speaking Is That Important
Brief Overview of italki
Final Thoughts
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Hi friendly people on Arbington

My name is Robin and I'm living in Switzerland. I am new here on Arbington and curious what you think about my newest class on how to learn a language :)

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