How to make stretchy beaded bracelets

——   Created by Shanice Harrison

Includes design options, types of beads and top tips

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This class is all about how to make stretchy bracelets using using any beads. I will be showing you one technique which can be used on any design, and four different designs for inspiration. I will also be sharing my top tips with you and helping you onto a path of bracelet excellence.

I have purposely not included music (except in the introduction) so you can play your own music alongside the videos. Making bracelets should be a calm and peaceful, experience so you should set the tone.

There are hundreds (dare I say thousands) of different bracelet designs, so let's get creative!

Sealing the bracelet - Alternative: you could let the nail varnish on the knot dry on a tissue for 10-15 minutes, then leave it to finish drying on its own (away from the tissue) before you cut the excess string off. This ensures it doesn't get stuck to the tissue, though the nail varnish may stick to the beads instead. If it gets stuck to the beads, the knot can be pulled off the beads gently and shouldn't cause any damage.

The course project

I want you to make a stretchy beaded bracelet. It can be for yourself or for someone else.

Choose the beads, the design and perfect the technique.

This is your moment.

Here are some designs from my Etsy store for inspiration:

8 Lessons

What you will need
The design process
Making the bracelet
Sealing the bracelet
Top tips
Class project
Final thoughts
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Hello, my name is Shanice and I'm from London. I taught myself how to make jewellery when I was 17 years old, then turned it into a business which I ran for a total of three years. It was extremely hard work and took me on a roller-coaster ride, but …

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