How to Plan Awesome Watercolor Art

——   Created by Robert Joyner

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Awesome art isn't by accident, or luck. It's Intentional!!!

In this 30 day workshop I will share a four step process that will teach you how to plan for awesome watercolor art.

It's designed for experienced watercolorists that have been around the medium for a while and want to take their art to the next level.

Here are the four steps we will cover;

  1. Step one; The Why - This is the key to making meaningful art. Without a why the art will often become flat, trite, or boring. One needs to have a reason for painting art and a why is key for developing strong areas of interest in the painting.
  2. Step two; Composition & Design - Here we will take on an often forgotten, or ignored, area of art making. It can be confusing but we will simplify the process into simple, tried and true methods that work.
  3. Step three; Value Hierarchy - A huge piece of the puzzle and again, often ignored because creatives tend to only focus on color. Values are what 'sells' the composition and the why to the viewer.
  4. Step four; Color Harmony - There are two main categories for creating color harmony. And neither one is color matching! Trying to replicate the hues in nature, or photos, is a waste of time. Instead we will pick one of two paths and they are chromatic or tonal palettes.


  • This is a 30 day event that will start on March 31st
  • It will end on April 30th
  • New lessons will be released Monday through Friday
  • There will be critiques along the way
  • It's important to keep up with the class and get your project started ASAP so you can get feedback on your work

I hope you enjoy the class and I look forward to working with you.

The course project

Along the way there will be several assignments for your to complete. These assignments will include the four key steps and a final painting which you will work on throughout this course. It's important to complete all steps along the way and post work for each step. This way I can see the why, the design, the value hierarchy and the color choices for your entire journey.

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The Four Step Process
The Next Three Days
The Why - Walkway
The Why - Yellow Umbrellas
The Why - Tea Kettle
The Why - Cool Car
The Why - Coastal Scene
The Why - Rural Scene
The Why Assignment Instructions
The Why Assignment Reel
Robert's Assignment Reel
Composition Element: Rule Of Thirds
Composition Element: Symmetry
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About the instructor

Hi, I'm Robert Joyner.

I'm a full time paint-slinger from Richmond, Virginia specializing in watercolor, acrylic & mixed media paintings. Best known for my signature loose brushwork and carefree approach to creating abstract style artwork.

Here's a quick look at some of my bragging rights.

Official Artist 2012 Kentucky Derby …

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