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How To Promote Your Content Marketing Articles

——   Created by Sorin Amzu

The 5 Effective Methods

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Tired of just writing content and getting no traffic?

Then you need to learn about Content Marketing Promotion. How to get traffic to your articles - the right way.

The 5 great methods include:

- Twitter - Participate in Twitter conversations and find a non-intrusive way of mentioning your content. Search specific industry hashtags and people with a large enough audience on that platform.

- Email Subscribers - Grow your list and email them once you have a new piece of content. Start creating mini email-only courses that offer more information for people who sign up.

- Email Influencers - reach out to people who already have a built-in audience so they can share your content further. If done right, they'll appreciate that you thought of them. If you provide specific value, even better.

- Blog Commenting - Value is the name of the game again. Finding similar blogs in your niche or just blogs that might be useful in your context is key to great commenting skills. If you show up time and time again, your efforts will be rewarded.

- Blog Roundups - There are 2 ways of doing this: hosting them and taking part. Obviously taking part in them brings traffic almost right away. But hosting them creates a relationship and people will share a piece of content they're in.

What are you waiting for? Take this course now and get more traffic, for free!

The course project

Test one of the 5 tactics for 1 month and show us what results it has brought you!

5 Lessons

Tactic #1: Twitter
4 mins
Use Twitter
Tactic #2: Email Subscribers
8 mins
Use Email Subscribers
Tactic #3: Email Influencers
9 mins
Use Email Influencers
Tactic #4: Blog Commenting
9 mins
Use Blog Commenting
Tactic #5: Blog Roundups
8 mins
Use Blog Roundups

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Sorin Amzu
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