How to read & evaluate annual reports of listed companies

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Learn to read, analyze annual reports, 10K reports, annual Information forms, & management discussion analysis.

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Listed companies are bound by duty to provide all necessary information to stakeholders in order to understand companies' performance. Some stock exchanges have dedicated formats and requirements while others have broad guidelines.

Reporting requirements however includes a minimum of

- Companies product information, competitors, market risks, and road strategies

- Management report explaining key aspects of companies performance (management, however, may not report all issues and materiality definition is vague)

- Audited financial statements

Annual reports are quite large documents with a full load of information. Investors and stakeholders can not trust all information and disclosure prima facie, hence they need to understand the structure of annual reports, what section contains what kind of information.

Users need a logical approach in getting around with the annual report, in this course, we will teach you that approach with practical example and follow along the process.

We used Apple as a case study and South West Airlines as an example.

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What you will learn?

  • structure of annual reports
  • stock exchange regulatory requirements
  • how to read annual reports
  • how to anlalyse annual reports
  • what information is found and what is usually missing from reports and where to find missing information
  • using analysis techniques to understand what company is hiding
  • financial statement analysis of Apple and Southwest airlines

15 Lessons

Introduction to annual reports
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Annual report information requirements from stock exchanges
free preview
Sample of annual reports
How to download reports
How to download reports from company websites
Overview of annual report downloaded in previous video
Explaining structure of 10k and annual reports
Key steps in getting around with annual reports
Step one: understanding company and its business
Step one: understanding risks related to company
Step two: understanding market news and development to understand risks
Step three: reading management discussion and anlysis
Step four: using vertical analysis and horizontal analysis to identify area of concern
Completed example of southwest airlines
Final video on presentation and assignment
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