How to Record, Edit and Mix Songs With Reaper Free Software

——   Created by Gabriel Felix

Audio Editing in Reaper for Beginners. No experience required.

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More about this course

 My name is Gabriel Felix. I have a degree in music from the California College of Music since 2013, and I have been teaching music classes professionally for over 12 years. Today I will explain how my brand new course works.

Currently, I have more than 2.5 million views on YouTube; more than 40 thousand students in different online platforms using my classes; and more than 276 on-site students learning with my classes in courses in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

In this course, I will teach you how to record, edit and mix songs with Reaper. All the step by step!!

You will find lessons about:


*Reaper configurations

*The most important tools

*Virtual instruments and plugins

*How to cut, glue and change tracks

*How to mix a song

*Effects such as EQ, compressor and gate

and several other lessons.

It doesn't matter what operating system you have. Whether you're using a MAC, Linux, or Windows, I have made sure to provide you with the information you need to start making music.

This is an easy set of tutorials. Save yourself the time and effort to figure out this DAW by yourself!

This is mainly for the beginner and who wants to learn to record or mix music in reaper and (or) gain knowledge on how to do this.

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

The course project

Record your own song playing 2 or more instruments.

For example:

Voice+Acoustic Guitar.Or Piano+Bass. 

Open all the tracks on reaper and mix your song. It will be a great opportunity to apply all the step by step you have learn.

26 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
Editing Tools to Produce High Quality Songs.
2 mins
Things You Should Know About Reaper
2 mins
Preferences and configurations
2 mins
Open projects, cut tracks and more
free preview
2 mins
How to add a track, mute, solo, effects and vsts
2 mins
Bpms, Metronome, change colors, record button
3 mins
Automation volume, pan, layout
free preview
1 min
Insert a sample or audio and how to reset reaper layout
1 min
Fade in, fade out and copy recordings
5 mins
Piano Roll
3 mins
Recording in a especific bar, Track effect to more than 1 channel, loops
free preview
2 mins
Render Songs and Markers
Effects, VSTs and Plugins.
3 mins
Compressor and gate
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Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix
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Hi, My name is Gabriel Felix, I´ve been teaching guitar professionally for 10 years now. I have a music degree at (Step Academia de Música …

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